Colour My World: Pastels for the Beginner Artist Workshop – Winter 2021

Students joined me on an 8 week course from Feb 25, 2021 to June 17, 2021 from 10am to midday.

In this beginner pastel course students fell in love with the colours of pastel. Class demonstrations and individual instruction were provided throughout in a fun, supportive environment. Students learned a variety of pastel techniques to draw and mix colours to portray form, light, texture and depth in still life and landscape paintings. Students learned not only from my feedback along the way but also from critiquing each other in class critiques.

See examples of my students work in the gallery below.

Drawing and Painting for Adults Course – Fall 2020

Students joined Cathy in a 9 week course to introduce the student to the fundamentals of Drawing and Painting by demonstrating techniques and learning about media and materials. Students were challenged with the processes of drawing and painting. Students learned the fundamentals skills of Drawing, Composition, Value, Colour Theory, Colour mixing and how to begin a Painting.

Course Description – This level 1 drawing and painting course is for adults looking to build and expand upon their creative skills, extend their knowledge of the elements and principles of design, and develop their use of art materials and techniques. Through the guidance of an artist educator, students will be challenged with new methods, presented with different mediums and introduced to acrylics, examine composition, colour and form through the use of the media. Learn, collaborate, and connect with other artists and develop your creativity while you explore your technical skill. No experience required.

Paint Your Travel Memories Workshop – Winter 2019

Over a 6 week course, students were able to recreate a special travel memory through paintings from their photographs.

Course Description – Learn the basics of how to portray scale and the illusion of depth and space using colour and linear perspective in both urban and rural landscapes.  Recreate your memories in your style of choice using acrylic or pastel. Class demonstrations and individual instruction provided throughout in a fun, supportive environment.

Drawing Refreshers: Drawing for the Beginner Artist Course – Fall 2019

Students joined me on a six week course to learn techniques and gain confidence as a beginner artist.

Course Description – This beginner drawing course will help you gain confidence as an artist through review of drawing fundamentals of how to see and compose in a fun supportive environment. We will review how to draw in proportion, using a variety of shading techniques to show light, volume and texture.  Topics include drawing from still life as well as the live model. Class demonstrations and individual instruction provided throughout.

Drawing in Colour: Pastels for the Beginner Artist Course – Spring 2019

Students joined me on a 4 week course to learn to use pastels.

Course Description – In this beginner pastel course, you will learn how to draw and paint with pastels. Learn how to develop a variety of pastel techniques to mix colours and portray form, light and texture in still life and landscape. Previous drawing experience is helpful but not a must. Class demonstrations and individual instruction provided throughout in a fun, supportive environment.

Painting Pet Portraits Workshop – Spring 2019

In this one day workshop, children learned to paint their favourite pet, alongside their parent.

Course description – Using acrylics, learn techniques for painting loosely, with a focus on expressive brushwork using bold and harmonious colour. Bring in a photo or magazine clipping of your favourite pet or animal. Reference material will also be provided. Learn how to paint scales, fur and feathers!

Drawing with Pastels – Friday Night Work Week Wind Down Course – Spring 2019

Over a one night workshop, students enjoyed the experience of drawing and painting in pastels in a fun and relaxing environment.

Course Description – Wind down with an evening of pastel drawing in a relaxing studio environment that encourages creative exploration through technique and expression. A local artist will instruct you step-by-step through an original piece of art and you’ll go home with a completed drawing. Expert or novice, this is an opportunity to gain inspiration while socializing. No experience necessary.