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Drawing from a model, Drawing for Fraidy-Cats Course, 2018

Students in one of Cathy’s workshops benefit from Cathy’s long career as an educator in art and photography and her own many experiences learning and developing her painting techniques. Students benefit from a structured approach to the subject matter with numerous opportunities for hands-on learning and exposure to the key concepts necessary to help the student progress their own experience and develop their skills sets.

Comments from students

“I thoroughly enjoyed Cathy’s class. She is an excellent teacher and really knows her subject. Very patient and understanding with her pupils”
“She is patient and kind when she offers supportive criticism, and she never tries to force you into one specific style”.
She recognizes each person’s individuality and what they bring to their work”
“I have really enjoyed your class – it was interactive, such excellent information
about pastels (including safety, which was great) and it wasn’t ‘a paint by
numbers’. Also your powerpoints were absolutely terrific. Thanks hope you do
a part 2 in the fall.
The beginner pastel painting course by Cathy Lorraway was excellent! The eight on-line classes just finished yesterday and I can’t wait for a possible part two in the fall. Cathy is a terrific instructor.  Each class was well organized and included PowerPoint presentations, demonstrations and practical exercises.  Cathy gave us regular and much appreciated feedback on our art work completed each week.  And to top it off, Cathy went beyond the planned course material to put together a specific lesson on how to do pastel paintings of rocks, at my request. I would strongly encourage budding pastel artists to take Cathy’s course. This was my first art course which went so well that I signed up for beginner acrylic painting classes starting at the end of this month. Thank you to Cathy and the Oakville Art Society for your wonderful art courses.